Delphi or C++ (or both) ?

It would be very interesting to know if you use Delphi or C++….

I’ve set up a doodle poll……

CAN EVERYONE COMPLETE THIS POLL ? then we’ll get an indication……

Delphi or C++ Poll

(this link leads to Doodle Poll)

Thanks !

#Delphi25th – Embarcadero Delphi is 25 Years Old !


2020 marks the 25th Anniversary since the launch of Delphi and Visual Component Library (VCL) back in 1995.

 Everytime a C++ Programmer writes using the Embarcadero VCL they are also using Delphi “under the hood”. The power and flexibility that this combination yields is one of the things that makes the Embarcadero RAD studio the “best in class” product.

You can see my happy birthday message by clicking here.

 Happy birthday video from Roger